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Northern Freight Unlimited

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Please read the following rules before creating a contract.

Northern Freight Unlimited

Create your contract to Northern Freight Unlimited. Ticker is [NOFU].

14/7 day Accept/Complete

Set your contract for 14 days to accept and 7 days to complete. Most contracts are completed within 48 hours but this is not a guarantee.

Rush or Custom Quotes

Join our discord and contact a pilot. Rush fee is $200m ISK.

$30m ISK Minimum

Exception: Jita <-> 1DQ is $10m ISK minimum.

Collateral Based Pricing

Due to recent changes in game design from CCP, we must use collateral based pricing to create an acceptable risk/reward ratio for pilots.

Maximum 350k m3

Max 350k m3 per contract.

Blue Characters

All contracts leaving 1DQ1 must be from blue characters.

No Containers

No containers. If you need containers moved for some reason please reach out directly.

No Black Frog banned systems

No contracts to or from systems banned by Black Frog. Exceptions for Imperium systems.

JF Service

Need a JF moved across the Galaxy? We can do that. Contact Ajaxify on discord.


Please join our Discord Server.

Rate Calculator

SALE: No Collateral Fees on Contracts from Jita to 1DQ!